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March 4, 2012



PROJECT RE-EDIT #1 | dA groups suck

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 4, 2012, 6:47 AM

*dA Groups Suck*
Seriously I hate dA groups these days. And it isn't one group or even a genre of groups. Groups that seem abandoned or inactive, weird themes with a million folders, administered by idiots / children / clowns who have no fucken idea what they are talking about, decline anything and everything for the most petty and insignificant reasons or never even bother to vote on submissions at all so they expire, and etc etc etc

I had planned to write a long detailed rant about it. Usually a long detailed rant with some comedy thrown in makes me feel better about silly shit on this site and or in life. But I honestly don't give a fuck enough to bother anymore, and that means my disillusionment with aspects of dA has now become irreversible. So enough is enough of the group submissions bullshit

*Self Promotion*
I am not real big on blowing my own horn, in fact it makes me feel like something of a shameful fraud for some reason known only to a therapist I have yet to see. Up until now generally the only self promotion I do is to submit stuff to groups, but groups suck as per above. So in lieu of groups sucking and sucking up time, energy and patients I am opting for submissions to the "journal portal" thing which I guess is the new version of "news submissions"

*Project Re-Edit*
I started doing revised edits on some older images, mostly to get rid of those ghastly frames I was putting on stuff that I now can stand. Well it turned into a gateway thing and now I have starting doing fully revised edits of almost everything prior to June 2010 or so

I don't really want to bore everyone silly for the next six months by posting "updated files" so I will just do journals and put the thumb images in there and you can look if you like or not look, it's up to you. But submitting them to the "journal portal" maybe pulls in a few new watchers etc. So here is a few I have done so far

The Boys Of Summer by PolarExtremesStudio Inverse by PolarExtremesStudio Churn by PolarExtremesStudio Twist by PolarExtremesStudio Grey by PolarExtremesStudio
Naakt Op Een Rots by PolarExtremesStudio Never Say Never by PolarExtremesStudio Grain by PolarExtremesStudio Stir by PolarExtremesStudio Aussie Girl by PolarExtremesStudio
Setting Earth by PolarExtremesStudio Venetia by PolarExtremesStudio Monochrome Passion by PolarExtremesStudio Peer by PolarExtremesStudio Monochrome Daring by PolarExtremesStudio

*Respect-Us Art Nude and Fetish Photography Group*
Fans of Art Nude and Fetish based Photography should go add Respect-Us Group to your +devWATCH list
Models and or photographers who are involved in Nude and Fetish Photography, join the Group and Submit your best images

Respect-Us Group - promoting DA artists and waging the war for R. E. S. P. E. C. T. for nude and fetish photographers and models

Nude Art Is NOT Porn by PolarExtremesStudio Erotic Art Is NOT Porn by PolarExtremesStudio Respect Or I Shoot The Puppy by PolarExtremesStudio Sensuality Is NOT Porn by PolarExtremesStudio Fetish Art Is NOT Porn by PolarExtremesStudio

dAc Clubs Stamp by deviantARTcommunity I Love DA by maczee dAc Stamp by deviantARTcommunity

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PROJECT RE-EDIT #1 | dA groups suckby PolarExtremesStudio

Journals / Art Features©2012-2014 PolarExtremesStudio
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RockstarVanity Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012
I go back and forth in my feelings about groups. I recognise their value and I try to be an ethical and honest admin. But at the same time, it drives me fucking mental that every single bloody day I'm declining stuff because it's not in a medium or subject that the group it's submitted to accepts. I'm not talking quality-based declines here, but really obvious stuff that people could easily avoid screwing up if they took a couple of seconds to check the group's page before submitting. It busts my head that people obviously sit and blinding submit to 60 groups at a time without caring of their relevance.
PolarExtremesStudio Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Professional Photographer
moderating drives me mental as well, people just dont care what they submit or how

but with me i always submit correctly and people giving you reasons like "the models ugly and fat" as a reason for criticising your photography its just gross
i did 2 huge rounds of groups submissions to test it out
about 15% of submissions expired and when i asked why they expired i got no answer

about 20% were declined and when i asked why i got no answer from most and stupid things from others like "thats how we voted" and "it just doesnt turn me on enough"

i discovered about 15% of the groups i had been submitting too are completely inactive / abandoned / the admins are banned / all the folders have hit their limits / now only accept 1 image a month

and its a time consuming thing submitting to groups
RockstarVanity Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
"it just doesnt turn me on enough" is a terrifying reason to decline a group submission. It gives me the creeps. A lot.
PolarExtremesStudio Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Professional Photographer
i left that group
and you should have seen the self portraits of the woman who said this model is too fat and too ugly - [link]
RockstarVanity Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
I think some people only start groups so they get to appoint themselves pedestals to sit on and feel powerful by rejecting other people's art for whatever pathetic (bitter, twisted, jealous) reasons. Fuck those people. That photo, and the lady in it, are gorgeous :aww:
PolarExtremesStudio Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Professional Photographer
my thoughts exactly, too much petty personal bullshit atatched to it all
and thank you for the nice words about the image
AlexandraB24 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Professional General Artist
Oh I do know what you mean! dA groups run by snotty teenagers...
PolarExtremesStudio Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Professional Photographer
dont you just love it when some 14 year old is trying to tell you whats what from all their vast experience
PeterLime Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012
You're totally right about the groups, I myself I'm planning to leave some of them.

Thanks for the re-edits

PolarExtremesStudio Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Professional Photographer
most suck
dont leave respect us though
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