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January 15, 2009
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10 Expressive Minutes by PolarExtremesStudio 10 Expressive Minutes by PolarExtremesStudio

10 Expressive Minutesby PolarExtremesStudio

Photography / People & Portraits / Expressive©2009-2014 PolarExtremesStudio
Photographer: Brett Jackman
Digital Developing: Brett Jackman

Theme Series: “10 Expressive Minutes”
One of the first ideas I had for portraits was to shoot a friend during a conversation capturing different aspects of the day and the mood
The idea was in my head for almost 20 years before I took these

Model: Rebecca

Hair & Make Up: By the Model
Location: My balcony, Sydney Australia

Tools of the Trade: Nikon D70

Other Monochrome Portraits:

Copyright: Polar Impressions Photography
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photojohna Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
A very interesting idea for shooting portraits. Thanks for sharing!
PolarExtremesStudio Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Professional Photographer
thank you very much
ChegaDeSuede Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
I like these a lot. The expressions that are captured are so casual and normal in their own beauty on anyone, but your friend did a splendid job. the sequence of pictures makes it seem conversational- I like that. You could probably create a whole file itself on conversational actions. Most people don't pick up on those subtle movements and changes in expression very easily. (ie: Change of topic- the way eyes move, body positions..., movement gestures- hand or foot placements, or even smaller things like eyebrows and individual fingers. Especially with hand-face combinations- head resting on the hand with elbow proped up...etc.) I'd say that you could capture the conversation's attitude and tone. Very nice on all of these in the folder. Very nice.
PolarExtremesStudio Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009  Professional Photographer
sadly Rebecca hates those photos
she is so beautiful and so photogenic and if you saw her facebook there are 600 photos of her on it
but to Rebecca "deliberate" photography makes her cringe, but if you are drunk and have a mobile phone cam its all good ;-)

like so many she believes that photos are to be smiled for an nothing else
these were to try and show her the beauty in not always smiling for the camera

and your very right they were all very conversational and all i did was encourage her to move around a bit and snapped them all in about 10 mins
ChegaDeSuede Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
Nice. The thing is is that everyone is their own worst critic. I mean, I know that I only have a select few pictures of me that I like. I can understand about her not liking her own picture- that type of thing. Does anyone really like their own photo?(Not normally.) haha. Well, you may not be able to persuade her in the fact that a smile isn't what a picture is for, but either someone else will or she'll notice it later. (Or not.) haha. You can ask her where the smiles are in landscape photography or depressed photography, even other forms of artwork like paintings, not all portraits capture a smile. Some capture a frown, depression, or deep thought. Yet, a lot of the photos that people most enjoy to look at are normally something that they can relate to. A smile. Happiness. We all yern for happiness so it really isn't much of a shock that people like goofy photos over the well thought out or completely unplanned beautiful ones.
PolarExtremesStudio Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Professional Photographer
i know, she is just part of the "mobile phone cam happy snap" crowd for facebook and my space
i told her that a smile can only portray happiness or confusion, and not smiling expresses everything else
ChegaDeSuede Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
I don't really like those photos. Never really have. ("Happy snap") Some are nice, but all in all they aren't that great. Maybe people think that they don't like other photos that aren't smiling is because they don't understand it, can't connect with it, or it's just a range of emotions that they feel should be kept secret. Like someone crying or a blind rage- these emotions are out there, but are white elephants.
PolarExtremesStudio Featured By Owner May 3, 2009  Professional Photographer
very true, love the way you think
ChegaDeSuede Featured By Owner May 5, 2009
Thanks. I think all around the box and am open to new things while others aren't all that open. Just the way God made me.
PolarExtremesStudio Featured By Owner May 5, 2009  Professional Photographer
thats a very great way to be i think
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